Spencer Wilkinson

Freshman Dallas Socialite



  1. High Concept: ??
  2. Other Aspects: ??


(+5) Superb:
(+4) Great:
(+3) Good: Resources
(+2) Fair: Presence
(+1) Average: Athletics, Driving, Guns, Rapport, Scholarship

Stunts, Powers, Magic

Mortal Stunts

(-1) Lush Lifestyle

  • Your wealth is well-established and robust, making you the man or woman who has everything. Normally, someone may be assumed to have an item that costs two steps less than his Resources without having to seek it out and buy it, assuming that it makes sense for him to have attained it previously. In your case, it’s any item equal to or less than your Resources.

Stress & Consequences

Physical (Endurance): (1) (2)
Social (Presence): (1) (2) (3) (4)
Mental (Conviction): (1) (2)

Character Description

  • Full Name: Spencer Wilkinson
  • Date of Birth: October 4th, 1993
  • Physical Description: XX
  • Clothing: XX
  • Education: Major: Biology
  • Current Classes: XX
  • Club Affiliations: XX

Basic Character Bio

Spencer Wilkinson

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