Alec Camridge

Kris' Character


Power Level

Total Refresh: 7
Unspent Refresh: 3
Skill Cap: Great
Total Skill Points: 25
Unspent Skill Points: 0
Unspent Fate Points: 4


  1. High Concept: Stockholm-ed White Court Virgin

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    • Compel:
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  2. Trouble: Look but don’t touch

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    • Compel:
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  3. Being Watched Over

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  4. Kiera, The Forbidden Fruit

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  5. Lets not ruin the night

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  6. Taking the high road

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  7. Bro’s before Hoes

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(+5) Superb:
(+4) Great: Discipline
(+3) Good: Conviction, Scholarship
(+2) Fair: Deceit, Empathy, Presence, Rapport
(+1) Average: Athletics, Alertness, Driving, Endurance, Fists, Performance, Resources

Stunts, Powers, Magic

Supernatural Powers

(-1)Emotional Vampire (Deceit; Lust)

  • Feeding Touch. Physical contact is where it’s
    at for a satisfying, long-term meal. When a
    victim is in the throes of an eligible emotion
    (usually easy for a White Court vampire
    using his Incite Emotion ability, page 172), you
    may draw some of his life force out of him
    to sustain you. This is done as a psychological
    attack with an appropriate skill (usually
    Deceit or Intimidation). If you have the
    Incite Emotion ability, inciting the emotion
    and feeding on it may be done as a single
    action, based on a single roll. On subsequent
    exchanges, if the emotion is still in place you
    may continue to feed, gaining a +1 on the roll.

  • The Taste of Death. Once per scene, if you inflict
    enough stress and consequences to kill a
    victim from feeding, you may take an immediate
    “free” recovery period equal to an extra
    scene. This will clear your stress track and
    mild physical consequences (page 220), and
    possibly larger consequences if you have an
    ability that lets you heal quickly (page 184).

  • Feeding Frenzy. When in the presence of heightened
    emotions and willing victims, you feel a
    nearly uncontrollable urge to feed. The GM
    is within her rights to call for Discipline rolls
    to resist the urge. In some cases, the urge may
    take the form of a compel against your high
  • (-1) Incite Emotion (Deceit; Lust)

    • With a touch, you can incite lust in a person. You’re able to do
      maneuvers at +2 to your roll that force a temporary aspects onto
      the target, so long as you’re in the same zone. The victim defends
      with Discipline. You may perform this action as a block as well.

    Mortal Stunts

  • (-1) Calm Blue Ocean

    • You are skilled at keeping your emotions in check. Gain +2 to Discipline when rolling to keep emotions under control.

  • (-1) Capable Researcher

    • Some say you were born in a library. Any scholarly research you do is completed two time increments (page 315) faster than usual—due in large part to the fact that you’ve probably read something about it before. (This ability does not extend to Lore research, which somehow never seems to go any faster no matter how good you are at the mundane stuff.)

  • Stress & Consequences

    Physical (Endurance): (1) (2) (3)
    Social (Presence): (1) (2) (3)
    Mental (Conviction): (1) (2) (3) (4)

    Minor (-2): NONE
    Moderate (-4): NONE
    Severe (-6): NONE
    Extreme (-8): NONE

    Character Description

    • Full Name: Alec Camridge
    • Date of Birth: Oct 31, 1993
    • Physical Description: 6’, Shaggy brown hair, dark eyes
    • Clothing: Known for always wearing his beanie’s, typcially some type of simple button up shirt, and jeans.
    • Education: Major: History
    • Current Classes: THEO-001 The Problem of God
    • Club Affiliations: XX

    Basic Character Bio

    Character Phases

    Phase One: Background

    Small town that kidnaps possible White Court Vampire placing them in a home in the town to help break their condition. The church has a connection in Georgetown where they ship the possible WCVV off to get an education while being watched over by the clergies.

    Aspect: Being Watched Over

    Phase Two: Rising Conflict

    The town has constructed a “tru-love” meeting with a young girl in town for when they got older, however during a trip to Georgetown Campus tour he ran in to a young girl, Kiera, that caught his eye and made him feel ways that he never has before about a girl. And no matter what girl they throw his way to make the chance happen none interest his fancy, as all he could lust after was Kiera.

    Aspect: Kiera, The Forbidden Fruit

    Phase Three: The Story

    Tits, They just get you in trouble: Kiera passed out drunk, attempt to get her out (Dam helps me get her out)

    Aspect: Lets not ruin the night

    Phase Four: Guest Starring

    A Deal with the Devil (Starring Jeremy): Decline his offer to get the test results. And then try and talk him out of it.

    Aspect: Taking the high road

    Phase Five: Guest Starring Redux

    Arm Candy (Starring Damien): Assist in the break up of the fight.

    Aspect: Bro’s before Hoes


      Change History

      • XX

    Alec Camridge

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