Kate Keller

New South Hall 2nd Floor RA



  1. High Concept: ??
  2. Other Aspects: ??


(+5) Superb:
(+4) Great: Empathy
(+3) Good: Alertness, Presence
(+2) Fair: Contacts, Rapport, Resources
(+1) Average: Athletics, Discipline, Endurance, Scholarship

Stunts, Powers, Magic

Mortal Stunts

(-1) Counselor

  • You have some formal education in professional counseling or psychotherapy. Your skill can be used to justify another character’s recovery from moderate or severe social or mental consequences, provided you have the time and opportunity to provide them with the full extent of your services as a counselor.

(-1) Best Foot Forward

  • People just like you, especially when you’re deliberately trying to make a good first impression (page 138). You gain a +1 on your roll to make a good first impression, and failing that roll cannot give you a negative temporary aspect or make the situation worse.

(-1) Ear to the Ground

  • You have your fingers on the pulse of things, with plenty of friends who can give you a heads up. The difficulty of any Getting the Tip-Off (page 124) roll is reduced by two.

Stress & Consequences

Physical (Endurance): (1) (2) (3)
Social (Presence): (1) (2) (3) (4)
Mental (Conviction): (1) (2)

Minor (-2): NONE
Moderate (-4): NONE
Severe (-6): NONE
Extreme (-8): NONE

Character Description

  • Full Name: Katelyn Marie Keller
  • Date of Birth: December 4th, 1992
  • Physical Description: XX
  • Clothing: XX
  • Education: Women & Gender Studies
  • Current Classes: XX
  • Club Affiliations: XX

Basic Character Bio

Kate Keller

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