Faiz Hussein El-Mofty

Jeremy's Character


Power Level

Total Refresh: 7
Unspent Refresh: 0
Skill Cap: Great
Total Skill Points: 25
Unspent Skill Points: 0
Unspent Fate Points: 1


  1. High Concept: Dubai’s Sorcerer Prince

    • Invoke: Inheriting a big business, well known company name – pulls strings
    • Compel: Well known, big target
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  2. Trouble: I Have No Idea How Much I Don’t Know

    • Invoke: Constantly discovering new things
    • Compel: Ignorance is bliss – goes into things without knowledge of what/who/when/where/why
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  3. The Favored One

    • Invoke: Family/friend favorite
    • Compel: Always the center of attention
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  4. Something I Can’t Put Back

    • Invoke: Finality and permanency
    • Compel: Mistakes stick around and haunt
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  5. Negotiating for Answers

    • Invoke:
    • Compel:
    • Edit:

  6. Bitch Ain’t Worth Bruises

    • Invoke:
    • Compel:
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  7. Allies Are A Valuable Commodity

    • Invoke:
    • Compel:
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(+5) Superb:
(+4) Great: Conviction, Scholarship
(+3) Good: Discipline, Resources
(+2) Fair: Contacts, Lore, Rapport
(+1) Average: Athletics, Alertness, Endurance, Intimidation, Investigation

Stunts, Powers, Magic

Supernatural Powers

(-3)Evocation (XX; XX)

  • XX. XX

(-3)Thaumaturgy (XX; XX)

  • XX. XX

Mortal Stunts

(-X) XX

  • XX

(-X) XX

  • XX

Stress & Consequences

Physical (Endurance): (1) (2) (3)
Social (Presence): (1) (2)
Mental (Conviction): (1) (2) (3) (4)

Minor (-2): NONE
Moderate (-4): NONE
Severe (-6): NONE
Extreme (-8): NONE

Character Description

  • Full Name: Faiz Hussein El-Mofty
  • Date of Birth: 5/8/1993
  • Physical Description: Arabic, tall, dark hair and eyes
  • Clothing: Rich-boy clothing
  • Education: Major: Economics; Business School
  • Current Classes: THEO-001 The Problem of God
    Intermediate Micro, Principles of Accounting, Fundamentals of Finance, Calculus II, Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra
  • Club Affiliations: XX

Basic Character Bio

Character Phases

Phase One: Background

From Dubai, rich family, older sister pushed aside. Sent to Georgetown to learn international economics to take over the family job.

Aspect: The Favored One

Phase Two: Rising Conflict

A local bully picked on him throughout his life. Upon discovery of his magical powers, he turns the bully into a Wagner’s gerbil. Upon transformation, he tries to turn him back but senses there is no one inside, essentially killing the bully.

Aspect: Something I Can’t Put Back

Phase Three: The Story

A Deal With The Devil: When looking to cheat on a test, player meets a demon in the library and makes a deal to guarantee an ace on the test. Demon asks for names in return.

Aspect: Negotiating for Answers

Phase Four: Guest Starring

Arm Candy: Witnesses a sucker punch and steps between the two opposing parties to stop the fight.

Aspect: Bitch Ain’t Worth Bruises

Phase Five: Guest Starring Redux

Tits – They Get You Into Trouble: Solve and help Kris get the girl out and safe from the party and her creeper by casting a veil to cover their escape.

Aspect: Allies Are A Valuable Commodity


    Change History

    • XX

Faiz Hussein El-Mofty

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