Father Vincent

Georgetown Champlain



  1. High Concept: ??
  2. Other Aspects: ??


(+5) Superb:
(+4) Great: Conviction
(+3) Good: Discipline
(+2) Fair: Empathy, Fists, Lore
(+1) Average: Contacts, Endurance, Weapons

Stunts, Powers, Magic

Supernatural Powers

(-1)Bless This House (Conviction)

  • Bless This House. By your very presence in a place, you may increase the strength of its threshold (page 230)—assuming you have anything to work with (a place without a threshold can’t get one). If your Conviction is higher than the threshold rating of a particular place, the threshold gets a +2 bonus while you are there. Multiple individuals who have this power can stack the effects, making a den of the faithful potentially very safe from supernatural incursion—unless someone’s so foolish as to invite a powerful supernatural creature in.

(-2)Righteousness (Conviction, Others)

  • Potent Prayer. When pursuing your calling, you may make a prayer (page 324) to guide
    your actions righteously—spend a fate point to invoke your high concept and define a Divinely-inspired purpose you’re aiming at. While in effect, use your Conviction to complement (page 214) any action that directly addresses your purpose. If you either achieve your purpose, take any compels that would threaten to derail you from your pursuits, or refuse any compels that are meant to keep you true to your purpose, the effect immediately ends.
  • Desperate Hour. In times of most desperate need, you may call out a prayer for aid from the Divine. Any time you are hit by an attack that requires you to take a severe or extreme
    consequence to avoid being taken out, you may make such a prayer. You may also call upon this prayer in any scene where a friend,ally, or innocent victim is taken out, forced to concede, or otherwise suffer a lasting, terrible fate (like being crippled, kidnapped, etc.). Roll your Conviction as an attack against every non-allied, supernatural creature in the same zone as you, which can be resisted by their Discipline. This attack does holy, physical damage that cannot be offset by any supernatural abilities (it automatically satisfies the Catch on any Toughness powers). You can only make one such prayer per scene.

Mortal Stunts

(-1) Devout Words

  • The strength of your faith alone allows you to give others pause. You may use your Conviction skill to perform a block in physical conflict, potentially preventing someone from making a conflict action against you.

Stress & Consequences

Physical (Endurance): (1) (2) (3)
Social (Presence): (1) (2)
Mental (Conviction): (1) (2) (3) (4)

Minor (-2): NONE
Moderate (-4): NONE
Severe (-6): NONE
Extreme (-8): NONE

Character Description

  • Full Name: Father Peter Vincent
  • Date of Birth: February 2, 1986
  • Physical Description: XX
  • Clothing: XX
  • Education: Theology
  • Current Classes: XX
  • Club Affiliations: XX

Teaches at a Children’s School

Father Vincent

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